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Automated Armory Expands West


Troika’s Automated Armory® now supports Marines from Coast to Coast 

Earlier this week, Troika installed our cutting-edge asset information management tool, Automated Armory®, at the Marine Wing Support Squadron (MWSS) 374 in Twentynine Palms, CA.  

The Marines at MWSS contacted Troika about getting this application in their armory after seeing a successful demonstration at the Marine South Expo in Camp Lejeune earlier this year. 

“Word is spreading quickly that Automated Armory® is the tool that makes sense for armorers,” said David Frost, Automated Armory® manager and on-site expert.  “It’s always a great sign when folks start contacting you about the benefits they can reap,” Frost said.  

Automated Armory® is an application that is revolutionizing the antiquated, inaccurate and time consuming reporting methodologies currently used in most armories.  Instead, it replaces archaic processes with 21st century reporting, tracking and reliability measures. 

Marines like using Automated Armory® because of its speed and accuracy.  They’re elated with the application’s ability to streamline the checking-in and checking-out process at their armory, as well as automating site count functions.

Automated Armory® helps Marines work quickly, saving a great deal of time and frustration; therefore, saving money and increasing productivity. 
“One Marine’s testimony about this application speaks volumes…. the fact that we have multiple bases referring Automated Armory® is priceless,” said Frost.

MWSS 374 purchased Automated Armory® via Troika’s DS MAC IDIQ contract held by HQMC I&L, making both the acquisition and installation process smooth and seamless.  Acquiring Automated Armory® through this contract allows individual bases to purchase this capability directly from Troika, without jumping through hoops and maneuvering through multiple acquisition layers.

Learn more about Automated Armory® by contacting Troika’s Project Sponsor at HQMC, Mr. Mike Ryan (, or Troika's Business Development Director, Mr. Stuart Nachman (    


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