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Troika Solutions Welcomes Maj. William Polania


Troika Solutions is excited to welcome Major William (Will) Polania to the company, effective February 7th 2017. Maj. Polania will soon retire from a long and distinguished career serving our country as a Marine Officer where he has served as a principal advisor to various Headquarters Marine Corps and Navy Executive Leaders on information and digital technology matters, including:
  • Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs
  • Director of Manpower Information Systems
  • Director of Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4)
  • Department of the Navy (DON) Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Director of Manpower Management
Maj. Polania played a critical role as both an action officer and thought leader in several key initiatives that have helped modernize Marine Corps IT.  These initiatives have received visibility at the highest levels of the Marine Corps, Department of Navy, and Congress.

“Major Polania was an incredible mentor when we worked together in HQMC C4,” said Stuart Nachman, Troika’s Director of Business Development and C4 Program Manager.  “The passion and enthusiasm he brought to work every day motivated everyone around him and gave us confidence that we would be able to achieve our objectives. To add ‘colleague’ to the vocabulary is a tremendous honor, and I’m glad he’s on the team,” Nachman said.  

Troika prides itself on hiring incredibly talented, bright partners to provide our customers with best-in-class management consulting and thought leadership.   Troika President and CEO, Ken Lasure, is thrilled to welcome Maj Polania to the team. “Maj Polania’s extraordinary record and experience across 26 years of distinguished enlisted and officer service will be a great compliment to Troika’s team of innovative and proven performers,” Lasure said.  “Troika honors and thanks Maj Polania for is exemplary service to his Country and Corps, and we’re humbled to welcome the Polania family to our family.”

On what led him to choose Troika Solutions as his new home, Maj Polania was equally complimentary.  “(Troika) expressed a sincere desire to expand business in a manner that solves problems, connects synapses, and synergizes solutions. An advantage they provide their customer(s) is the latitude to cut across organizational friction; they have an ability to leverage a good name, reputation, and expertise to well-intentioned efforts with potential to return real value to the Marine Corps.”

Initially, Mr. Polania will be providing strategic support to multiple Troika projects, including our work with MARFORCOM, HQMC PP&O, and CD&I. Eventually, he will settle into a more permanent role supporting HQM C4 this spring.

Welcome Aboard!

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