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4th Combat Engineer Battalion gets Automated Armory


4th Combat Engineer Battalion became the Marine Corps’ first Reserve unit to realize how Troika Solutions Automated Armory can save time and improve accuracy in their daily armory operations. Beginning with the initial installation in early Spring, and culminating with a successful first drill weekend in May, 4th CEB is now set up for success after getting just under 2,000 serialized and quantity items registered and assigned to the Marines based in Baltimore, Maryland.

“I’ve always felt Reserve units could be some of the biggest beneficiaries of what Automated Armory offers” said Stuart Nachman, Director of Business Development for Troika Solutions. “A lightweight system that fits in a pelican case and can provide accurate metrics of who has what, and where, is exactly the type of thing that a Reserve unit can fire up at any location and quickly assign weapons and SL-3 gear to a Marine within that command.”

4th CEB quickly realized how the capabilities within Automated Armory can save time, as they were able to register users, assign racks, and check-out weapons to Marines in a matter of minutes vice hours. This included using Automated Armory’s quickly generated 10576 and 10520 forms, finding unassigned racks to issue, and seemingly every commanders favorite feature – single signer for hundreds of weapons cards at one time. When asked to quantify the time savings, GySgt Joshua Davidson, 4th CEB Armory Chief put it best: “That process use to take over an hour at best – or I probably wouldn’t have even attempted to do it in the middle of a drill mass-issue. With Automated Armory I was done in 10-15 minutes”.

With supporting companies in Southern Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Alabama – Troika looks forward to helping the rest of 4th CEB, or any other interested Reserve units with Automated Armory soon. For more information, you can visit or contact Stuart Nachman at, or

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