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2021 Marine Corps Association & Foundation Information Awards Dinner

This annual event celebrated personnel and units throughout the Marine Corps Information Environment Enterprise and provided the opportunity to recognize the professional accomplishments of the top performing Marines, civilians, and units from the previous year.

Sponsored by the Deputy Commandant for Information (DC I), the awards represented the stellar accomplishments, innovation, and leadership displayed by personnel and organizations across the Marine Corps in their efforts to advance the Corps’ ability to compete and win in a highly contested Information Environment. This year, Troika Solutions was the proud sponsor of the 2020 Operations in the Information Environment (OIE) Unit of the Year Award.

The Marine Corps Information Operations Center (MCIOC) was the recipient of the award and both the Commanding Officer, Col Manyx, and the Sergeant Major, SgtMaj Melendez, were present to accept on behalf of the entire command. The award recognized the MCIOC’s outstanding contributions to OIE through their pioneering ways to support and deploy Marines to Fleet Marine Forces and joint organizations in support of global force management requirements included in combat operations in the Middle East and Africa.

After an introduction from Lieutenant General Matthew Glavy (Deputy Commandant for Information), General Paul Nakasone (Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and Director, National Security Agency) provided the keynote address. He stressed that our adversaries are “operating with a scope, a scale and sophistication unlike any we’ve seen before,” but that Marines are “constantly learning how to compete, fight, and win in the Information Environment.” He went on to enforce that “talent is our most competitive advantage” and that it was an honor to “recognize the excellence that is the United States Marine Corps and these awardees.”

This year’s awards dinner was even more special when a former Troika Solutions employee, Mr. Eric Schaner, was presented with the 2020 OIE Civilian of the Year Award. Mr. Schaner was a valuable member of the Troika Solutions team supporting DC I from 2018-2019 prior to his transition to government service. Eric’s efforts while with Troika Solutions carried forward into his government civilian position, and his award was a testament to his character and sincere desire to establish the Marine Corps as the premiere force for action within the Information Environment.

Troika Solutions Program Manager for DC I, Mr. Scott Uchytil, stated the event was “another outstanding event with fantastic efforts put in by the MCA&F and DC I staff.” Troika Solutions team members Doug Keller and Travis Reese also attended the event and echoed other attendee’s praise for the event. Mr. Uchytil went on to state that “recognizing the MCIOC’s outstanding contributions towards operationalizing the Information Environment, coupled with Eric’s award presentation, made for another fantastic Information Awards evening!”

Pictured left to right: Lieutenant General Charles Chiarotti, USMC (Ret.) (President and CEO of MCA&F); Lieutenant General Matthew Glavy (Deputy Commandant for Information); General Paul Nakasone (Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and Director, National Security Agency); Colonel Todd Manyx (Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Information Operations Center); Sergeant Major Victor Melendez (Sergent Major, Marine Corps Information Operations Center); and Lieutenant Colonel Scott Uchytil, USMC (Ret.) (Program Manager, Troika Solutions)

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