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Automated Armory FAQ

Folks are asking… so we’re answering.  Troika’s Automated Armory® is quickly gaining national attention as it expands from the East Coast to the West.  Automated Armory improves management and accountability of warfighting assets.Plus, it’s easy to use and saves a ton of time!  

Troika was founded by United States Marines.  Automated Armory® was developed by a retired Marine, and our 24/7/365 customer support is spearheaded by a retired Marine armorer.  

Automated Armory® works.  

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the questions we hear most.  If you have a question we didn’t answer, please contact us:  

AIMS-Automated Armory® FAQ

What capabilities does Automated Armory® provide? Automated Armory® provides automated issue, recovery, site counts, inventory, reporting, entry log book, and maintenance status of serialized and non- serialized small arms, optics, ammo, and associated ordnance equipment.  Incorporates Common Access Card (CAC) reader, Item Unique Identification (IUID), Electronic Signature, and Biometrics (finger print) for access control, and quick accurate item and individual identification.Operates in a connected or disconnected environment (garrison or deployed).

Is it complicated to use? Automated Armory® software is designed to be easy-to-use for all levels of computer expertise. The check-in/out and inventory processes are designed to minimize steps, reduce time and increase accuracy and accountability.

Can I track my weapons’ / ordnance equipment location? Yes.  Automated Armory® can track weapons / ordnance equipment by specific location (room/shelf/rack or job site/person).

Can I set up weapons systems for faster check-out? Yes.  Automated Armory® kitting function allows you to establish parent / child relationships for end items & components for a single scan check-out if desired.

Will the software show who checked out a weapon or piece of equipment and where it has been? Yes. Automated Armory® provides reports that indicate who checked out the item when and when.

Do I have to use barcode scanners or can I key enter the info? No.  You do not have to use barcode as the data entry method. However, barcode is virtually 100% accurate and 80% faster than key entry.

Can I track maintenance history and requirements for my equipment? Yes. Automated Armory® has fields for Limited Technical Inspection (LTI) dates plus an area for notes.

How do I get support and updates? The support contract offered with Automated Armory® provides free bug fixes and software updates for the duration of the license. Assistance is available by email ( and phone (812.675.2671).  Troika offers 24/7/365 free customer support.

Who’s Using Automated Armory®?

Marine Aircraft Group 31 Marine Wing Support Detachment 31 Marine Aircraft Group 29 Marine Wing Support Squadron 374 2nd Marine Raider Battalion 2nd Marine Raider Support Battalion 3rd Marine Raider Battalion 3rd Marine Raider Support Battalion Marine Raider Regiment Marine Raider Training Command Marine Raider Support Group 2nd Tank Battalion The Basic School Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico Marine Helicopter Squadron 1 (HMX-1)

Confirmed/scheduled Future USMC Automated Armory® installs: Marine Aircraft Group 14 (Cherry Point) (Jan 2018) Marine Wing Support Squadron-271 (Cherry Point) (Jan 2018) Marine Wing Support Squadron 274 (Cherry Point) (Jan 2018) 1st Marine Raider Battalion - MARSOC West (Camp Pendleton) (March 2018) Marine Wing Helicopter Squadron 2 (Cherry Point) (April 2018)

How do I purchase Automated Armory®? Individual bases can purchase this capability directly from Troika, without jumping through hoops and maneuvering through multiple acquisition layers.  Units can purchase Automated Armory® via Troika’s various contracts, making both the acquisition and installation process smooth and seamless.  

Learn more about Automated Armory ® by contacting Troika Solutions at

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