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Automated Armory successfully deployed at USMC sites

Conducting a Proof of Principle, the U.S. Marine Corps installed four armories with Asset Information Management Solutions (AIMS) Automated Armory®. Instantly time savings were realized as processes that took over 34 hours were reduced to as little as 1 hour. Tracking with a simple single click of a mouse, no longer flipping through paper on a clipboard or in a drawer, gave users confidence of knowing exactly where assets were at any given time. Replacing paper log books immediately provided compliance of even often-violated rules and instructions that gave command visibility and assurance tasks were getting done and correctly. AIMS enhances the visibility across the life cycle of any item(s) desired to be tracked. Providing an enterprise available connection and visibility of the AIMS modules to each other and also external data sources, AIMS is a complete asset and personnel management solution with a semantically-enabled data exchange capability. AIMS consists of a core provider with a vast selection of modules that are built and managed around the effective user-friendly interfaces. This gives the suite of technology to be focused on - what functions you need! Whether you are in an office, a warehouse, on a dock, on the road, in the field, or around the world, the modules easily fit where you need them. AIMS Automated Armory® is an issue and inventory solution that accommodates the issue, reporting, recover, receipt, and maintenance processes for serialized and non-serialized small arms, optics, ammo, and ordnance equipment providing the highest level of standards in accountability.  With incorporated technology - e.g. Identification card, Item Unique Identification (IUID), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Digital Signature, and Biometrics - AIMS Automated Armory® ensures accurate and rapid identification of items and authentication of personnel. AIMS Automated Armory® is a scalable solution that is configured to the specific needs and requirements of the user, location, and business rules. Designed to operate in a connected or disconnected environment allows it to be a fully deployable solution.

AIMS Cloud:

  • Provides a browser-based management of the items and AIMS modules.

  • Used to keep everything and everybody in sync.AIMS Modules:

Automated Armory - serialized and non-serialized small arms, optics, ammo, and ordnance equipment.

Tool Room Manager - serialized and non-serialized tools and consumables.

Motor Pool Manager - serialized vehicles issue, recover, and inspection.

Document Manager - centralized document management system.

Initial Planning Tool - requirements gathering, sharing, and compiling.

HZMT Tracker - non-serialized materials and consumables requiring special use and handling.

Vault Manager - serialized and non-serialized high security items, often where children are as important.

Production Line Manager - serialized and non-serialized equipment use and availability.

IT Management - serialized, non-serialized, and license tracking and usage.

AIMS Connect - ability to connect and sync external applications.

Warranty Manager - serialized tracking of warranty items.

Container Visibility Tool - serialized and non-serialized availability and location.

Pick Pack Ship - warehouse tracking.

myRegistry - serialized and non-serialized recording of items.

Resource Exchange - serialized and non-serialized ability to expose and share items.

Certificate Manager - calibration or other certificate tracking on assets.

Parts Manager - serialized and non-serialized parts bin tracking.

For more information about Automated Armory or the AIMS Platform, contact Matt Edwards at or Stuart Nachman at

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