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EFAC could Help the DoD Save up to $100 Million Annually

Every year the DoD spends $71.5 billion on maintenance, a large portion of which is spent on regularly scheduled, time-based, preventative maintenance.  Troika Solutions is proud to team with CTMA and Spectro Scientific on a winning project that has the potential to save the DoD $100 million in cost avoidance each year.  

Studies reveal that up to two-thirds of DoD fleet “waste oil” being changed on a calendar based schedule is still serviceable.  Not only do useless oil changes cost hundreds of millions of dollars each year of the DoD’s budget, oil changes also account for 160,000 man days per year.   Expeditionary Fluid Analysis Capability, EFAC, is the result of a 13 year CTMA effort between the DoD, Spectro Scientific, and Troika Solutions to produce a pure Condition Based Maintenance+ (CBM+) capability.  

Troika’s EFAC project lead, Bob Appleton, helped present the EFAC rollout plan at the CTMA Annual Partners Meeting at Hill Air Force Base this month.  Appleton is excited that EFAC has reached the deployment and execution phase. “Ten years ago, NCMS initiated a project to address the massive DoD ‘wasted oil’ issue through the CTMA program,” said Appleton.  “The goal was to give the maintainer the means to assess the serviceability of the oil in a weapons system prior to changing it,” Appleton said.  

Greg Kilchenstein, DoD Senior Policy Analyst and CTMA government liaison, participated in the EFAC discussion at Hill Air Force Base.  “We didn’t buy these ground vehicles to change the oil,” Kilchenstein said.

“This is one of the most successful CTMA projects ever,” Appleton said.  “Field level oil analysis can provide the information necessary to conduct condition-based fluid changes, as well as reveal information on the mechanical condition of the asset,” Appleton said.  “The fact that we’ve been able to grow this initiative from infancy to execution speaks volumes about the significance of the project and the relevancy of the program.”  

When fully deployed, the benefits of this capability will include significant annual cost avoidance, decreased maintenance down-time, reduced waste oil hazmat, and diminished transportation burden, particularly in the expeditionary environment.

To learn more about EFAC, CBM+, or the DoD rollout, please contact Troika Solutions by emailing or by visiting our website.  

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