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EFAC Wins Innovation Award

Troika’s executive team recently wrapped up a productive week at the Department of Defense Maintenance Symposium in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  At the Symposium, Troika demonstrated Automated Armory to top leadership in the Marine Corps, Air Force, and Army.   News is spreading quickly about Troika’s Automated Armory, and we were anxious to share the benefits. 

Another highlight of the Maintenance Symposium was when a program Troika manages, the Expeditionary Fluid Analysis Capability, also known as EFAC, was recognized with an innovation award.    

EFAC is sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and created to support the Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP) for units within the Department of Defense (DoD).  

EFAC was designed to be a low cost, effective, deployable oil analysis device, that helps maintain equipment availability and readiness, while saving money and time for ground vehicle fleet maintainers.

Debbie Lilu, CTMA Program Director, applauded the EFAC program and was quick to sing its praises. “EFAC is a valuable asset because it has the ability to assist the DoD with preventative and predictive maintenance efforts, which are two things we’re very passionate about.”

Troika’s COO, Frank Schuster, has helped manage the EFAC program for several years.  Schuster commented that EFAC’s validity and impact has grown considerably, and the innovative program now has the capacity to potentially impact the entire US military ground fleet.

“EFAC continues to grow in popularity because of the value it adds to DoD maintenance providers,” said Schuster.  “The concept sounds simple,” Schuster said, “but when you consider all the time, money and effort that is spent on unnecessary oil changes for one fleet of vehicles, and then you apply that concept across the entire DoD, we’re talking about a high-impact program.”

To learn more about EFAC, please email Troika Solutions at

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