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HQMC C4 Continues To Rely On Troika Solutions

Troika Solutions is thrilled to announce that our support to Headquarters Marine Corps - Command, Control, Communications & Computers (HQMC C4) has been renewed for another year, including several new billets and tasks to further support the organization. 

HQMC C4 delivers comprehensive Information Technology solutions to the Marine Corps in support of the Warfighter and Supporting Establishment.

Troika is entering into our fifth year of supporting HQMC C4. When we started this partnership, we only had one employee on the assignment. After years of diligent service and an understanding of mission objectives, our HQMC C4 team has now grown to 11 employees, supporting multiple divisions including Network Plans and Policy, the Chief Information Officer, and Budget and Resources.

HQMC C4 uses Troika’s DS MAC preferred flexible contract vehicle to partner with us on these projects.

Stuart Nachman
Stuart Nachman

"I'm incredibly proud of our growth to support this customer,” said Project Manager, Stuart Nachman. “I also know that even though this started with me, this success is absolutely the result of our ‘next man up’ philosophy at Troika.”

“Every time HQMC C4 needed additional help, we gave them the best we had,” Nachman said. “We will continue providing incredibly talented team members to support their efforts as long as we’re contributing to this office."                                      

To learn more about using Troika subject-matter experts to assist your efforts, please email us at

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