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Marine Corps' Newest Deputy Commandant Turns to Troika Solutions

Since its establishment, Troika Solutions has served the Marine Corps by providing advanced systems integration capabilities, outstanding subject matter expertise, as well as portfolio, asset, and data management services.  Not only does Troika hold itself to the highest standards of excellence for product delivery and customer service, it does so while upholding the core values of trust, reliability, and integrity at all times.  With such an exemplary reputation preceding “The Horse,” it comes as no surprise that the newest department within Headquarters Marine Corps, the Deputy Commandant for Information (DC I), has turned to Troika in its main effort to shape the next generation of warfighting.

The future promises an environment marked by operational challenges previous decades had never seen and, therefore, those which the current Marine Corps must prepare itself to conquer.  Among these complexities are the relentless advancement and proliferation of technology as well as increased access to social media, factors that influence the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of people worldwide.  Due to the evolving landscape of the future battlespace, the Commandant of the Marine Corps tasked DC I, under the leadership of Lieutenant General Daniel O’Donohue, with developing and managing the plans, policies, and strategies for all operations in the sphere of information—known as the Information Environment (IE).  To achieve its vision and secure victory on the battlefields of the 21st century, the department must align and integrate warfighting capabilities and functions across the Corps, promoting unity of effort, shared vision, and integration throughout the service.  Two of Troika’s own, Scott Uchytil and Samantha Olsen, have come alongside DC I to assist in the preparation, development, and dissemination of IE solutions.  

Ms. Olsen, a writer/editor on Troika’s DC I project, lends technical communications expertise to ensure internal and external documents are drafted, edited, and published in agreement with DC I’s mission and intent.  Olsen reviews, analyzes, and revises documentation to guarantee clarity of purpose, consistency of style, and grammatical accuracy.  Her job description as writer/editor, however, has organically evolved along with the needs and expectations of the organization she supports.  When Olsen first began assisting the department’s synchronization divisions, her primary task was to edit the DC I Campaign Plan.  In a short time, however, she has undertaken additional projects—drafting and editing documents for review by Congress, attending briefings associated with information warfare, and providing more substantial input to projects due to the fresh perspective she offers.  “I try to situate myself within the larger scheme and mission of DC I,” Olsen said of her role.  “Sometimes that means being as versatile and agile as the force they are creating.”  

Mr. Uchytil, a senior cybersecurity expert for Troika, supports DC I by providing seasoned experience and a wealth of knowledge pertaining to cybersecurity and the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution process.  Brought onboard to support strategic direction and planning initiatives, he has collaborated with DC I to draft multiple information papers as well as provided subject matter expertise for incorporation into the DC I Campaign Plan.  Augmenting his experience in generating the Marine Corps’ Program Objective Memorandum, he has since been seeking to bridge gaps in the planning, programming, and resourcing of IE requirements.  “A vision without resources is a hallucination,” Uchytil said when commenting on DC I’s holistic approach to operations in the IE and expeditionary maneuver warfare of the future.  “Any way I can help the team to realize the Commandant’s vision—I’m all in!”

Consistent with its pioneering spirit, Troika has only just begun its journey alongside DC I.  As certain as the future battle space promises new and complex challenges for the Marine Corps, Troika will continue maintaining the highest standards of excellence in pursuit of quality solutions.  To learn more about the support Troika offers DC I, contact Troika Solutions by emailing

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