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Marine Corps Renews Support for Troika's Automated Armory®

The United States Marine Corps has renewed its support for Troika Solutions' Automated Armory®. Troika's Automated Armory® module, part of the Asset Information Management Solutions (AIMS) platform, is an asset visibility and serialized item management tool.

Troika is proud to have the Marine Corps' support of Automated Armory® again in 2016, and looks forward to further expanding the footprint of Automated Armory® so even more can benefit from these cost-saving solutions.

Automated Armory® is revolutionizing the outdated, tedious, and inaccurate reporting methodologies currently in use at today's armories. Instead, it's replacing antiquated processes with 21st century reporting, tracking and reliability measures.

Automated Armory® has been in place for up to two years at the following USMC armories: TBS, MCAF, HMX-1 and 2nd Tank Battalion. Users are most impressed with its ability to effectively, accurately, and reliably save time while yielding positive outcomes that are compliant with USMC armory reporting regulations.

Automated Armory® developer, Matt Edwards, shared several major improvements that users are experiencing:

"Marines no longer have to use paper log books or count fingers to check people (and items) in-and-out," Edwards said. "Now they can quickly move through the entire asset tracking and management process with one click of a button."

"Marines like how simple Automated Armory® is to use, and how they truly know everything entering and exiting an armory. They don't have to worry about paper log books anymore and instead work with a secure, automated process."

To learn more about Automated Armory, or other Troika Solutions services, please contact us at

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