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Troika Awarded Best Places to Work for Second Year

Troika Solutions has been named to Virginia Business’ Best Places to Work. This marks the second consecutive year that Troika has earned this distinction, and this year we placed 8th out of the Top 100 Businesses in the Commonwealth.Troika CEO, Ken Lasure, is elated with the designation.  “I am so proud of the Troika family and feel privileged to work alongside such exceptional talent,” Lasure said.  “We moved up nine spots from last year, and our incredible team is well deserving of the praise and the win.”

Rachel Kennedy, Troika’s SharePoint Expert, has been with the company for two years.  One of her favorite parts about Troika is the freedom to grow in her abilities.  “I have new, different challenges every day,” Kennedy said.  “I’m able to do many different things while learning about software trends and continually looking for new solutions for our clients,” she said.  “Our culture is work hard, play hard.  It’s perfect for me and exactly what I’m looking for.”

Dr. Andie Johnson-Mitchell, Troika’s European Business Development Expert, loves being on the Troika team. “It's been a stimulating and impressive 12 months with Troika,” she said. “Our dedication to the customer is second only to our welcoming attitude to new members,” Johnson-Mitchell said. Out of all registrants, only 100 are chosen across three categories: small (15-99 U.S. employees); midsize (100-249) and large (250 or more). When evaluating the registrants, Best Companies Group looked at a list of core values: leadership and planning, corporate culture and communications, role satisfaction, work environment, relationships with supervisors, training and benefits, pay, and overall employee engagement. The employees of the participating organizations receive a survey where they have the opportunity to grade their employers (anonymously) on how well the company demonstrates these core values.

Being recognized as a Best Place to Work is a great honor, and we are very proud to make this list again in 2017!  If you’re interested in learning more about Troika’s services, please contact us by emailing

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