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Troika excels in NATO's Annual Coalition Warfare Interoperability Exercise (CWIX)!

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Troika Solutions recently participated in NATO’s annual Coalition Warfare Interoperability Exercise (CWIX) in Bydgoszcz, Poland from 12 thru 27 June.  At this exercise, the largest annual NATO interoperability event, Troika demonstrated how our solutions for data interoperability enable greater operational and logistical agility.  

Designed to support the continuous improvement of interoperability for the Federation, CWIX is a North Atlantic Council (NAC) endorsed, Military Committee directed, and Consultation, Command and Control Board (C3B) guided Bi-Strategic Command (Bi-SC) annual programme. NATO's Allied Command Transformation (ACT) provides direction and management of the CWIX programme, while NATO and member nations sponsor interoperability capabilities. 

As a member of the LOGISTICS Forum, the Troika Team comprised of Mr Frank Schuster, Project Coordinator, Mr Matt Edwards, Technical Lead, Mr Jerry McGovern Logistics Strategist, and Mr Bill Black, Organizer, were instrumental in demonstrating a realistic approach to adoption of technologies such as Additive Manufacturing (AM), Blockchain, Data Interoperability and Supply Chain Digitization to enable globally integrated operations.  Working with our Industry partners and representatives of the USMC and Norway Defence, Troika proved a workable and mature set of solution(s) to Coalition Logistics Interoperability. 

According to Mr McGovern, “Understanding and adoption of evolving, disruptive technologies is required to increase NATO supply chain agility and responsiveness. By leveraging these technologies, we proved how they would provide a collaborative, holistic approach for logistics transformation.”   

Additionally Mr Black said, “Our efforts showed how Troika initiatives ensure accurate and timely data, links disparate logistics nodes into a comprehensive and flexible network with a wider array of sources of support for the warfighter, and ultimately provides greater operational agility for the coalition.”

For CWIX, our data interoperability solutions enhanced operational agility through the ability to respond and engage more rapidly with a greater array of viable sources of supply chain support.  The intent was to show how supply chain agility and velocity can be gained by replacing physical footprint with a digital footprint.  This included how to incorporate AM with Blockchain as a source of support.  These combined capabilities represent a resilient continuum for an advanced logistics information environment.

Troika’s portfolio of integrated solutions provides decision support, visualization, analytics and “built to purpose” tools that increase interoperability and provide speed to critical decision-making.  

Troika Solutions is a Small, Disabled, Veteran owned Business. For more information, contact Troika Solutions by emailing or by phone at (571)-375-7142.

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