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Troika Presents at SI World 2015

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Troika Solutions was asked to present at the 2015 Situational Intelligence World (SI World) conference.  Executives, technical managers and business users in both the private and public sectors attend SI World to understand today's cutting edge approaches to situational intelligence, data visualization and analytics for the Internet of Things.  Mr. Kevin Clyde, Director of Troika's Integration Services Division and Mr. Bret Mullinix, Troika's Lead Integration Engineer demonstrated new software that allows military commanders and staff to see the position of deployed personnel, equipment and supplies in real time.  This User Defined Operational Picture (UDOP) application, allows military leadership to save time, improve accuracy, and reduce risks. 

Troika collaborated with Space-Time Insight (STI)  to expand the existing capabilities of UDOP, and presented these enhancements at the SI World 2015 conference in New Orleans.  Now, logistical and operational data are integrated into a UDOP and provide users a filterable, common operating picture. 

Troika CEO, Ken Lasure, accompanied the Troika team to the event.  "SI World allowed us to demonstrate a military application of this technology to the utility market," Lasure said.  "From the questions and comments received, participants were impressed with Troika's ability to fuse data from existing systems into a single, customizable display."

Troika and STI will continue working together to provide next generation technology for their customers, and plan to launch Asset Intelligence capabilities at the 2015 DoD Maintenance Symposium in December.

For more information about UDOP or other Troika capabilities, please contact us at

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