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Troika Recognized for Guard and Reserve Support

Troika Solutions was founded by Marines.  Our three partners are retired from the Corps, and more than half of our staff is a Veteran or married to a Veteran. Supporting our military and the brave men and women who volunteer to serve our country isn’t just a talking point.  

It’s who we are.

That’s why Troika Solutions is proud to announce we are a new Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Certified business.  ESGR is a Department of Defense (DoD) office and promotes cooperation and understanding between Reservists and their civilian employers. 

Bill Black
Bill Black

Troika founding partner, retired Colonel Bill Black, served over 37 years as a Marine Regular and Reservist.  As a retired citizen warrior, Col Black knows firsthand the value that National Guardsmen and Reservists bring to the table, and that’s why he is proud of Troika’s concentrated effort to support, employ and promote our country’s finest.  

“At Troika, we don’t just tolerate service.  We embrace it,” said Col Black.  “People who volunteer for the military have exceptional character.  They’ve received extensive leadership and stress management training that is invaluable in the work place." 

Samuel Crupper, Troika’s Mobile App Engineer, is a 1LT and Platoon Leader for a 5000-gallon Petroleum Oil Lubricant Transportation Company in the Army Reserve. Crupper’s service in the Army is important to him, and Troika’s support gives him the ability to pursue his career in the Army, while impacting the private sector, too.

“Having an employer that understands that I need to take time away from work to fulfill my obligations to the Army makes training easier by not having to worry about how my supervisors will respond to my regular absence,” Crupper said. “Troika understands my needs…and gives me the freedom to do my job well.”

To learn more about how your company can better support citizen soldiers, visit  You may also email us at  

ESGR's Walter Goodwyn
ESGR's Walter Goodwyn, MGySgt USMC Ret, presenting Jamie Medlock with Troika's ESGR Business Certification.

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