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Troika's Additive Manufacturing Proposal Wins Top Honors at International Event

Troika Solutions is excited to announce we took home top honors for our expertise in Additive Manufacturing at the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA) conference earlier this month in Atlanta, Georgia.  This is the second time in weeks where Troika has been recognized for our expertise in Additive Manufacturing and its emerging capabilities.

Additive Manufacturing is the process of joining materials to make objects from 3D model data, usually built layer upon layer.  The concept was developed in 1984 by Chuck Hull, and it’s much more than just a single technology.  3D Printing materials include polymers, metals, composites, ceramics, sand and more. The technology is moving so quickly that few people truly know everything about it.  

Bob Appleton, Nicole Santos and Richard Shea represented Troika at our first ICEAA event, where we were honored with the Best Proposal for our entry on Employing a Business Case Analysis on 3D Printing in the DoD.  

Appleton, Troika’s Senior Additive Manufacturing Consultant, says that when examining the Department of Defense’s (DoD) potential greatest benefits from 3D printing, readiness will be one of the most important factors.  

“As Additive Manufacturing begins playing a larger role in the DoD world, finding our way through the maze of potential challenges will require analysis, investigation, and planning,” Appleton said.  “Warfighter readiness and battle preparedness will undoubtedly be key determining factors for the DoD and beyond.”

To learn more about how Troika is paving the way for 3D Printing within the DoD, please email us at

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