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Troika Solutions Adds Accelerated Capabilities Team (ACT)

The Accelerated Capabilities Team (ACT) of Troika’s Advanced Warfare Solutions Group became fully operational in October of 2021. ACT is an innovative process that integrates Technical and Operations Integrators to employ a mature end-to-end solutions delivery process. ACT applies this framework optimized to identify, assess, and evaluate proposed defense solutions for operational applications throughout the full spectrum of security challenges and threats. ACT’s unique capability is the fusion of the Technical and Operations’ Integrators’ operational experience, combat development expertise, and technological acumen. Integrators are trained to look between the “seams” to identify solutions, not only for the known challenges, but also the threats “you don’t see.”

ACT evolved from the application of rapid solution delivery techniques and procedures developed within the U.S. Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) from 2006 to 2020 where many individuals within the combined team worked closely together. ACT was formed in 2021 to support the U.S. Army Development Command (DEVCOM) Armament Center’s development and transition of multiple technologies from science and technology efforts to programs of record.

Director Mariano Wecer leads ACT as a “one stop” source for capability and requirement evaluation, development, integration, and fielding for the Joint enterprise. ACT is composed of experienced personnel across a range of disciplines including private investment, technology integration, science, engineering, math, scenario development, wargaming, AI/ML computer simulation/analysis, foreign military advisory, and advanced field user evaluations in conflict environments. ACT can evaluate and integrate materiel/non-materiel solutions for rapid and deliberate acquisition processes and inherently embeds into the mission partner’s organization to assess and solve problems and needs, allowing for organic collaboration, oversight, and involvement built into the process.

Wecer said, “The Troika Solutions’ ACT provides leaders and staff with a “directed telescope” into any operational space which immediately enables an educated and un-biased operational analysis through a Solution Delivery Process that not only informs and enables integrated DOTMLPF-P concepts and solutions, but also supports operations, JCIDS and PPBE processes.”

Headquartered in Reston, VA, the Accelerated Capabilities Team can support the full spectrum of solution delivery areas (e.g., DoD Capability Development, PPBE, Lethality, AI, Autonomy, Cyber, Energy, Human Systems, and Space) and across the warfighting domains. This makes the ACT the preferred partner in any organization’s efforts to find and field solutions needed in the modern operating environment. ACT will help make it possible for any organization to keep pace with peer and near-peer adversaries, by conducting a solution delivery process that exceeds government standards and places the warfighter in a position of overmatch.

For more information:

C. Mariano Wecer, Director of Advanced Warfare Solutions Group

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