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Troika Solutions Adds Wargaming and Analysis Division

The Wargaming and Net Assessment (WNA) Division of Troika’s Advanced Warfare Solutions Group became fully operational on February 1, 2022. As a division of Troika Solutions LLC, WNA is an innovative process that integrates wargaming and operational research with net assessment. WNA applies this framework to organizational learning efforts to enable institutional solutions and strategy development.

WNA applies the craft of wargaming, the practice of net assessment, and the science of operational research – breaking down the barriers between all three – to maximize the benefit for organizations that need to visualize, identify, diagnose, quantify, and solve future challenges. WNA’s comprehensive end-to-end framework identifies a sponsor’s need, integrates stakeholder inputs, leads the sponsor and stakeholders through analytic processes, disseminates the data and analysis to the community of interest, and iterates with the sponsor building on prior learning coupled with new information.

Director Travis Reese leads WNA as a product offering in Troika’s Advance Warfare Solutions Group to provide multiple, overlapping, and complementary approaches to problem exploration and framing. WNA helps organizations and institutions derive superior outcomes from their analytic efforts for improved decisions on a data-informed basis. WNA leads a team of experts in scenario design, wargame development, facilitation, data management, and analysis to include Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) capabilities. WNA embeds with organizations that also need scenarios and wargames to improve their operations and internal practices or to better integrate with partners. Although developed initially for Department of Defense clients, WNA can be leveraged across the spectrum of business practices.

Reese said, “So many defense and commercial organizations need to think about the future. They need a partner to help them take advantage of a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods that allow them to do that. Modern problems are multi-faceted. They require multi-disciplinary and multi-functional approaches to identify and explore potential solutions. No one single method of analysis and exploration will yield sufficient insight to inform decisions that require holistic solutions. We help our clients not just think about just a single problem but to consciously think about the time span of the competition they are in. We help them develop a long-term approach to institutional learning and strategy.”

Headquartered in Reston, VA, Wargaming and Net Assessment provides everything you need to leverage scenario-based approaches to analysis and data-informed decisions.

For more information:

C. Travis Reese, Director of Wargaming and Net Assessment

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