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Troika Solutions takes our subject matter expertise across the globe!

Last month, Troika Solutions was privileged to take part in the Technology Expo at Patch Barracks in Stuttgart Germany.  Over multiple days, Troika was able to demonstrate both functional expertise and new IT capabilities in four Logistics areas. Those areas included:

1.  Joint Maintenance - In showing the success of Troika's current efforts with Joint Maintenance Data Enterprise Interoperability (JMDEI), where we have been supporting the Joint Staff (J4), Troika demonstrated how mapping and sharing of maintenance data between the Joint departments ERP or system of record can benefit command leaders and staffs. 2.  Shareable Operational Resource Tool (SORT and dSORT for disconnected version) - SORT is a NATO program of record that allows Coalition partners to share both items and resources, while providing a trackable means of audit and adjudication.

3.  User Defined Operation Picture (UDOP) - Troika has made significant strides in helping the Marine Corps develop a Defined Operational Picture, which serves as a requirements collection for a drop in capability and display within a commanders Common Operational Picture (COP).  Currently supporting HQMC Installations and Logistics, Troika has helped I&L's LPV-2 office both study and analyze the end operational requirements and discover the art of the possible.   

4.  Asset Information Management Solution (AIMS) - A module of AIMS - Automated Armory - is currently in use at several Marine Corps armories. During the expo Troika presented how we are helping in time savings and error reduction by using today's available technology to identify and authenticate a user by scanning the barcode from a Common Access Card (CAC).  In demonstrating the technology, Troika used the AIMS print scanner to capture and populate information onto a personalized giveaway.

It was Troika's pleasure to participate in this technology expo supporting our warfighters who are stretched across the globe. During the event we visited with Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines, (active and civilian) to collect thoughts on how Joint and Coalition solutions are welcomed, if not needed, and how we can support our partners no matter where the mission might take us.

For more information about this trip, or how Troika can support your organization, contact Stuart Nachman or Bill Black

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