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Troika strives to be a leader in Employee Benefits & Employee Satisfaction

USA Today recently published an article describing the unfortunate trend in today's health care benefits market.  Despite the fact that 2015 brought the lowest rise in employer health care premiums over the last two decades, employees are contributing more to their health care costs than ever before.  Many factors may be responsible for this situation.  Some experts say shrinking margins are to blame, while others look towards increased government regulations or out-of-pocket pharmaceutical cost increases as the catalyst.  Yet at Troika Solutions, employees are seeing the exact opposite.

When Troika Solutions was founded, and as it has grown, we've continued to operate under the model that our people are our best asset.  In order for them to care about us and our clients, we know we've got to make sure that employees and their families are taken care of first.  Troika CEO Ken Lasure views work/life balance as a corporate responsibility.  "As a father of 5, work/life balance is very important to me personally so it's a priority for me to ensure Troika provides an environment that allows our teammates to achieve the balance that's right for them."

Stuart Nachman, Director of Business Development at Troika takes a practical approach to the subject of employee benefits.  "It's just a conversation I never want to have.  We can talk about salary.  We can talk about the job and the work you'll be doing.  But I never want to get down the list of negotiation points and someone to be able to say 'you're not doing enough to take care of me and my family.'  That's something I would take incredibly personally and know we'd need to do better.  We've shown people our benefits compared to their current company and it's night and day.  Thousands of dollars are saved in medical expenses because Troika has made the commitment to take care of our employees.  I think that's gone a long way in both our ability to attract top talent, but also something I'm incredibly proud of - retain talent at the rate we have since our founding."

In addition to Health Insurance benefits, Troika has continued to modify and design benefits that support our growing workforce.  While we offer traditional benefits such as Flexible Spending Accounts, 401k contributions, and tuition reimbursement, Troika steers away from the traditional models most workers are used to.  "Our 401K plan is non-matching, meaning regardless of if an employee contributes to their plan, we're going to put in for their future.  I've never liked the idea that an employee is 'leaving money on the table because they're not matching to the maximum of the company's contribution'" says Troika CFO Bill Black.  "As owners and management of a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, we're not responsible to shareholders or equity groups - we are responsible to ourselves.  If we're taking care of our employees, they're focused on the things we need them to be focused on.  We've got to make sure that our employees are totally focused on delivering to the maximum client satisfaction, and that starts with making sure they're totally comfortable at work and at home."

If you're interested in learning more about Troika solutions and the services we provide, you can contact us at, or visit us at

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