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Troika Studies Propane Injection in Diesel Powered Trucks for Marine Corps

Troika Solutions is currently engaged in a feasibility study of using propane fumigation in diesel engines of over-the-road trucks for the United States Marine Corps at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Center (MCMW) in Bridgeport, California.  MCMW is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with elevations ranging from 6,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level, road grades up to 20%, and temperatures well below zero in the winter.  These extremely challenging conditions provide ideal testing opportunities for this innovative, new technology.  

In the fumigation process, propane is injected into the engine cylinders along with diesel fuel.  It has been claimed that this process will increase power, improve fuel economy, extend oil life, and reduce unscheduled maintenance - this year-long study will test these claims.

Details of the project include modifying seven trucks to be compatible with this technology and installing a propane fueling station at the MCMW vehicle maintenance facility.  For twelve months, fuel economy and exhaust emissions will be tracked and the results will be compared with existing reports on the same vehicles used prior to propane modifications.   The final report for this project will detail the observed benefits or drawbacks of this process.  

To learn more about this exciting case study, or other Troika initiatives, please email us at

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