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Two More USMC Units Receive AIMS Automated Armory®

Troika Solutions was pleased to install AIMS Automated Armory® for the United States Marine Corps, 2nd MAW, MAG-31 and MWSD-31 units at Beaufort, South Carolina, and provide them with an asset tracking management system.    

Automated Armory® is an automated inventory solution that manages the issue, reporting, draw, recovery, and maintenance processes for serialized and non-serialized small arms, optics, ammo, and ordnance equipment and other functions within an armory. Incorporating CAC, Item Unique Identification (IUID), Digital Signature, and Biometrics, Automated Armory® can be configured to the specific requirements of the user, location, and business rules operating in a disconnected environment (garrison or deployed).  

MAG-31 and MWSD-31 were thrilled with the capability because it will improve existing management and accountability of war-fighting assets.

Immediate Marine Feedback: I would hands-down, absolutely recommend this to other Marines.” -Sgt Clark, MAG-31“This system gives more fail safes than the user manuals we are given, and I trust my guys to use this.” – Sgt Clark, MAG-31  “My favorite thing is I don’t have to worry about reading any handwritten numbers or words anymore.  I can accurately read each record because it’s typed out.”Cpl Hillier, MAG-31 “It’s pretty much impossible to lose records now.” – Cpl Coronel, MAG-31“The training videos are great.  I love the videos!” – Cpl Hardwick, MAG-31“It was a real pleasure working with you.  You’ve been so flexible and understanding, very easy to work with.” – Lt. Bredeman, MWSD-31

Troika serving Marines
AIMS Automated Armory® Install Complete for 2nd MAW Units at Beaufort, South Carolina

MAG-31 and MWSD-31 purchased Automated Armory ® via Troika's DS MAC IDIQ contract held by HQMC I&L, making both the acquisition and installation process smooth and seamless.  Acquiring Automated Armory ® through this contract allows individual bases to purchase this capability directly from Troika, without jumping through hoops and maneuvering through multiple acquisition layers.

Learn more about Automated Armory ® by contacting Troika's Project Sponsor at HQMC, Mr. Mike Ryan (, or Troika's Business Development Director, Mr. Stuart Nachman (,  

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