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Troika Solutions Integration Services are dedicated to synchronizing the people, processes, and technologies of your organization to fit together and optimize organizational effectiveness through Organizational Alignment, Business Process Improvement, and Technology Integration. We provide world-wide advisory services to private and public sector clients across various industries including manufacturing, maintenance and logistics providers, information technology, fuel services, staffing, education and training, general construction, and more. Our focus on a full integration of resources ensures that clients not only become more efficient, but that collaboration is created with other industry partners.


We utilize a Systems Integration Lab (SIL) as part of our Integration Services, offering clients the ability to accelerate the decision cycle.  The SIL is a rapidly expandable environment that contains relevant architecture, services, and data that replicate the client’s business processes in order to discover and reproduce challenges, analyze and develop recommendations, prototype potential solutions, and develop final solutions.


Troika has a world-class team of analysts, as well as relationships with experts across many industries and specialties to determine root causes of client challenges.  The SIL uses a combination of people, processes, and technologies to take root challenges and develop sound solutions.  Troika is teamed with leading vendors to provide the most innovative technologies as part of solution recommendations, where appropriate.  This allows us to rapidly develop potential solutions using evolutionary prototyping methods.  Immediate and consistent feedback keeps the client in control and provides for optimal solution design.

Systems Integration Lab

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