Troika Solutions provides world-wide advisory services to private and public sector clients across numerous industry sectors, including manufacturing, maintenance and logistics providers, information technology, fuel services, staffing, education and training, general construction and more. Our focus on a full integration of resources ensures that clients not only become more efficient, but that further business is created with other industry partners.​

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One of Troika Solutions’ founding principles rest on our ability to interface disparate partners, systems, and solutions to operate effectively together. In the fiscal realities of today’s environment, Troika Solutions loosens the constrained resources that have held our clients back from operating at a higher level by using untapped knowledge bases and emerging technology. We connect these business processes and platforms to achieve advanced operational capacity for our clients.  
At the technological level, the benefits of interoperability come primarily from their impacts at the operational level in terms of enhancing fungibility and flexibility. Troika Solutions ensures the coordination of shared capabilities to re-define strategic and operational priorities of our clients and their partners. ​

Troika Solutions takes great pride in demonstrating tailored delivery of products in support of complex engagements. These types of missions provide Troika with an opportunity to apply organic resources or team with our network of industry leading, domain specific partners to insure our clients’ success.

Because of our experience with a wide variety of cost effective solutions and extensive partner network that share our management philosophy, we can build teaming arrangements that match tailored solutions to unique customer requirements. Our performance is measured by the quality of our work, the success of our clients, and our reputation for service, objectivity, integrity, and results. Troika Solutions is capable of resolving the challenging and multi-faceted issues associated in enterprise level planning and execution.  

Troika Solutions conducts integrated business planning across technologies, applications, and processes by connecting planning functions across client enterprises to improve organizational alignment and business performance. Troika Solution leverages our client’s information assets, organization structure, and processes to link strategic and operational planning across client enterprises. We objectively evaluate current and proposed business plans and activities in order to determine the most streamlined and efficient solution.

Troika Solutions is proud to become a partner with federal and private sectors to integrate business processes and develop advanced and holistic solutions for a faster, more cohesive work environment.​