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Advanced Warfare Solutions Group

The Troika Advanced Warfare Solutions Group (AWSG) is a mission focused, operationalized team of professional lifelong warriors dedicated to solving hard problems from the tactical edge to the strategic cloud. We work by, with, and through our clients wherever you are operating in both competition and conflict. We become an extension of your team!


The Problem: 

DoD-wide efforts to pivot while addressing peer/near peer (P/NP) threats, and while developing and implementing new concepts, solutions, and equipment has generated multiple and complex challenges. In addition, the rightsizing of the force simultaneous to transitioning and withdrawing from two decades of war in the Middle East stretches assets and capabilities while mitigating emerging and future multi-domain threats in the context of Great Power Competition (GPC). Such times rarely afford the luxury of dedicated structure to illuminate the gaps and seams that often arise, let alone time to consider mitigating options such as the ability to:

Over the last two decades of US Operations against violent extremist organizations (VEOs), during the global war on terror (GWOT), Russia and China have gained significant knowledge and experience through unfettered observations into U.S. Doctrine, Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures (TTPs), risk consumption, and materiel development. Their observations have allowed for the “hyper” development of their whole of government approach to state capture, regional influence, and force development, resulting in a significant overmatch during competition phase activities against the United States.

Concurrently and conversely, US Forces have only been able to gain limited observation and understanding of Peer/Near Peer (P/NP) doctrine and TTPs in the context of Great Power Competition over the last 20 years.

Since the publication of the National Defense Strategy of 2018, the focus has shifted from global terror networks to P/NP threats and GPC. The United States is entering into this new era of multi domain warfare and GPC while under capacity and with less capability to engage the next generation of threats.  Organizations should not solely rely on our former dominance of past years to develop doctrine, TTPs, and training for the future fight. History tells us we are unlikely to be prepared for the first battle of the next conflict. Rather, organizations must incorporate lessons learned from 20 years of war with emerging concepts to rapidly inform doctrine, innovation, and training to gain overmatch in multiple domains in competition and conflict.

The requirement for an agile and dynamic organization that can identify and mitigate gaps in the execution of multi domain operations (e.g., EABO) against hybrid and P/NP threats is as critical as ever given the current threat environment. 



The Troika AWSG provides a “custom built, problem focused telescope” through which a Cross Functional Team (CFT) can quickly define the problem and enable Department of Defense (DoD) organizations to navigate complex and disruptive innovative terrain in the operational space. The CFT is composed of Intellectual and Operational Subject Matter Experts that take a focused approach to synthesizing unbiased operational analysis, utilizing a proven Solution Delivery Process that informs and provides integrated concepts and solutions.

The Solution: 

Unique Capability

A fusion of operational experience with combat development expertise that looks between seams and on the periphery to identify and defeat “the threats you don’t see.”

Key Functions and Deliverables

The consultant-based capability is a “one stop” source of expertise for the force to inform strategic to tactical operations and training across the enterprise. Utilizing the Solution Delivery process depicted in the figure below, the CFT would provide a solution at the “speed of need.” Specifically, the organization will provide the character, nature, composition, and solutions to capability gaps or emerging threats (e.g., Hybrid Operations, EABO, DMO, MDO, Great Power Competition, Large Scale Operations, Operations in the Information Environment, Counter UAS, Subterranean Operations, Security Forces Assistance, DSCA, etc.). The organization will also provide direct support in the integration of interim and/or permanent materiel and non-materiel solutions through the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDs) and Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) processes. The Consulting Team will also provide direct support by a proven solution delivery process:


Inform, develop, and integrate concepts, solutions, and training across the spectrum of military operations.


As directed or required, develop better and more efficient processes in the execution of warfighting functions in any theater


As directed or required, Provide Rapid Solution Delivery to JUONS, GEONS, UNS, ONS, or emerging threats. Additionally, support staff by informing and supporting PPBE and JCIDS efforts to mitigate gaps.


Inform solutions and mitigations to Integrated Priority Lists (IPLs) and responses to organizational and operational information requirements.


As directed or required, assist units in pre-deployment preparation and deployment execution to enable tactical commanders against a hybrid, peer/near peer (P/NP), or Great Power adversaries,


As directed or required, provide multi-domain analysis of emerging threats, operations, or operational environments.


Deploy to any theater to determine emerging threats in support of capability gap or threat mitigation through participation in ongoing operations or theater training exercises.


Maintain connections to internal, Service, Joint, DoD, and National level intelligence agencies to analyze/link/track global threat trends. 


As directed or required, develop enhanced realistic training and training facilities to assist the force to prepare for multi-domain operations.

The AWSG Consulting Team provides the recipient with the benefit of an Operational Advisor’s (OA) battlefield understanding in identifying the need, gap, or problem, while simultaneously transcribing that into a genuine capability requirement, interim materiel or non-materiel solution, and the follow-on integration necessary for successful operations. Each Consulting Team OA’s proficiency is measured through codified skill. The OA’s value is vested in their exposure which adds credibility by making them recent, relevant, and realistic.

The AWSG Consulting Team can quickly deploy OAs into an operational area as part of an advanced operational support “package” to the main body. This flexible capability provides Strategic to Tactical senior leaders with a non-attributional “directed telescope” into any operational space, immediately providing an educated and unbiased operational analysis. These OAs are seasoned warfighters who can quickly integrate into the supported unit if conflict erupts.


We believe the best approach to adapting the force is by embedding with the client and in order to feel their pain and experience their problems firsthand.

The “draw” of our capability is how quickly and “matter-of-factly” we can identify or predict emerging threats to the force; furthermore, the ability to provide a clearly defined solution to the problems presented to the Force. With decades of combined operational and combat experience, the AWSG team can apply knowledge, fact, and expertise to any problem presented or identified.

The value of our capability is immediate and returns a significant value on investment through an efficient and effective solution delivery process.  Our capability increases efficiency, reduces waste, and increases productivity. The benefits, therefore, are numerous – Increased operations and training quality, improved efficiency, increased decision space, while simultaneously freeing up unit members, resources and assets that would have previously been otherwise employed in operations and training.


Future Concepts

Small, Smart and Inexpensive Systems Innovation

Operations in the Information Environment

Threat Vulnerability Assessment

Reverse Asymmetry Warfare

Competition and Conflict in All Domains

Manned and Unmanned Teaming and Autonomous Warfare

Electronic Warfare

Dense Urban Environment & Subterranean Operations

Climate Change and National Security

Unmanned Systems and Counter Unmanned Systems

Security Cooperation & Security Force Assistance


Hybrid Warfare

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