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In concert with our TKE, we develop “built for purpose" tools that harmonize and present decisional data in a visualization solution. 

This solution, known as a User Defined Operational Picture (UDOP) uses both map-based and dashboard-based imagery to visually present the data defined by the user as most critical for decision-making.  The tool enables users to aggregate or drill down on the data to gain greater and timelier situational awareness and situational understanding.

Our UDOP leverages interoperability to allow operational and business partners to share data across enterprises and present the shared data in a visualization product.  This provides leaders and managers contextual information and the development of user configurable views for improving and optimizing processes, analytics, situational understanding, and outcomes.  Our UDOP products range from providing visualizations that support logistics command and control, to inventory and network optimization, and to performance management.

Visualization Tools

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