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We conceptualize, develop, and implement decision support solutions that match customers’ strategic and operational needs with emerging technology innovation.  Our solutions effectively and efficiently transform data into knowledge for decision-making.


Troika expertly identifies necessary data elements and authoritative data sources, presenting the data to be used for decisions, which is a critical gap for most customers.  Most commonly our solutions are for customers that need process improvement, have fiscal and resource challenges, or have a need to accelerate their drive towards organizational vision, strategy, mission, and goals.

Our solutions support modernization and sustainment investment decisions for businesses, operational assets, and resources.  We support our customers with data driven visualization tools that provide situational awareness and situational understating related to prioritization, allocation and positioning, and adjustments for modernization and sustainment of assets and resources.

Our value proposition is in providing the expertise to transform data into knowledge for decision support solutions so that customers can improve their own value proposition.  We are decision support brokers.  As a broker, we recognize customer decision support needs, transition needs to concepts, and concepts to capabilities.   

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Decision Support

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