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Establishing digital persistence is the core to our approach for developing decision support solutions.  Digital persistence means that transactional and decision data (also referred to as command and control, or C2 data) is collected digitally at initiation and remains digital through the entire data life-cycle of transactional and decision-making processes.  Our data interoperability approach is the engine that drives digital persistence. 

Digital persistence means that data is no longer collected, transferred, shared, or synthesized manually (typed).  Rather, it is initially collected via scans, sensors, or other Automatic Identification Technology (AIT), and then shared, synthesized, or transferred via interoperability capabilities.  Our interoperability engine is known as the Troika Knowledge Engine (TKE).  TKE is an interoperability implementation process, supported by technology. 

TKE provides extraction, mediation, and translation services for organizations’ Information Systems (IS) to operate, without having to modify processes or IS’s within each organization.  TKE solution development maps the business processes and supporting data, and leverages open standards to exchange relevant, contextual data at the correct time and in the correct format for re-use in a many-to-many environment of organizations and functional disciplines.

TKE provides the gateway to authenticity and traceability of data exchanges (such as provided by Blockchain), and the use of analytics, business intelligence, and visualization tools for decision support.  At its essence, TKE allows the coalescence of these capabilities into a holistic network of solutions.

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Data Interoperability

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