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Troika Develops Cutting-Edge Solutions that will Propel your Business Forward

It starts with the right team. We only partner with companies that have the same core values, high standards, and a passion for customer success. We understand that there's no one-size-fits-all strategy. This is why we thoroughly analyze your processes and ensure that we understand the unique needs of your organization. Our process improvement practitioners will help you fine-tune your workflows and our technologists will find the right resources to transform your business. 

We've successfully supported key initiatives within the Marine Corps, Navy, the Department of Defense, and Coalition Forces. Our core services include: 

Asset information management Solution

AIMS is a modular, scalable asset management solution that manages assets in multiple locations such as warehouses, tools rooms, and production facilities. As a multi-module/interface platform, AIMS replaces the time consuming, manual, and error-prone physical counts currently used. With nearly 100% accuracy, we reduce inventory errors and accountability questions.

IT Portfolio management

IT Portfolio Management is driven by the goals and objectives identified with our partners through a strategic planning process. We align the best IT solutions to required systems and services, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for the customer. Troika delivers compliance, financial management, and IT road mapping to bring you the best industry practices and future technology.

Strategic Planning

Our expertise in Strategic Planning focuses on conceptualizing and implementing solutions that coalesce operational and business processes with modernized technology tools for organizations that seek improved agility, precision, velocity, responsiveness, and efficiencies in their operations.

Systems integration lab

We utilize a Systems Integration Lab (SIL) as part of our Integration Services, offering clients the ability to accelerate the decision cycle.  The SIL is a rapidly expandable environment that contains relevant architecture, services, and data that replicate the client’s business processes in order to discover and reproduce challenges, analyze and develop recommendations, prototype potential solutions, and develop final solutions.

supply chain management

Our solutions for Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Management focus on providing a holistic, portfolio management approach to a digital supply chain network. Using our digital persistence, data interoperability and visualization solutions, we make transactional data shareable and actionable across the digital supply chain network.

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