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IT Portfolio Management is driven by the goals and objectives identified with our partners through a strategic planning process. We align the best IT solutions to required systems and services, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for the customer. Troika delivers compliance, financial management, and IT road mapping to bring you the best industry practices and future technology.


Our team supports key outcomes and products developed through a Strategic Planning process, Portfolio Evaluation and Analysis, and Portfolio Lifecycle Management.


• Strategic Planning Process: We collaboratively develop doctrine and policy for managing IT portfolios. These plans support several priorities including the identification and adoption of Authoritative Data Sources (ADS), while providing the analysis, recommendations, and reports necessary to meet regulatory, statutory, directive, and procedural requirements.


• Portfolio Evaluation & Analysis: Evaluation & Analysis includes a comprehensive review of applications and systems used throughout the organization. Through close coordination with Enterprise Architecture analysis, we deliver improved alignment of application and systems in PfM repositories including DoD IT Portfolio Repository – Department of the Navy (DITPR-DON) and DON Application and Database Management System (DADMS).


• Portfolio Lifecycle Management: We evaluate portfolio initiatives and assets to make investment, sustainment, and divestiture recommendations based on financial and investment reviews.


Troika’s IT Portfolio Management team delivers:

  • Compliance  

  • Financial Management

  • Vendor Negotiation


At Troika, we can increase your productivity, identify future technology, and streamline disparate applications into a single solution to increase efficiency.

IT Portfolio Management

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