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Strategic Business Unit

Motivated Veterans + Business Coaching + Operating Resources = Success

When you succeed, we succeed!

The Troika Solutions Strategic Business Unit (SBU) is a small business start-up program for motivated and entrepreneurial veterans. The SBU is a wholly owned subsidiary of Troika Solutions until it is not.  The program is simple, we assess and select high performing veterans who have a desire to start their own business but are hindered by the two main barriers to entry – 1) the high cost of financing your own start-up without venture capital or an existing client base and 2) the business experience and resources required to operate the business.

The Troika Solutions SBU program will remove those barriers for you. If you are selected to join Troika and start your own SBU, you will be brought on as a full salaried employee with Troika’s award-winning benefits package from day one. The SBU team will conduct your onboarding and begin mentoring you using our success strategies, business operations knowledge, and start-up experience. We will set your SBU up as a subsidiary of Troika and help you begin executing your business plan.

The goal of the program is for the SBU Director (you) to eventually become the 100% owner of your own venture. Yes, we know this sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. This is the long-time vision of Ken Lasure, Founder and CEO of Troika Solutions. The ownership is achieved by gradually acquiring equity in the SBU. There are multiple pathways to gaining equity. See the chart below:

The Cold start

The cold start is a veteran high performer with a good idea but no formal plan to implement it. Because of this, it will take the longest to gain significant equity in the company. 

the warm start

The warm start is a veteran high performer with a good idea, a business plan, and a potential pipeline of customers and revenue. 

the hot start

The hot start is a veteran high performer with existing products or services, a business plan, and a pipeline of high probability or existing clients. 

As you grow your business you are also growing your ownership stake in the company. Your operating resources such as HR, payroll, SSO, Legal, etc., and business mentorship and guidance are there for you at the parent company (Troika) the entire time. You get to focus on growing the business!

If this is something you think you are ready for and you have served your country honorably in one of the four branches of the Military, or The Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Corps uniformed service, then please reach out to us    

“Do you want to be the boss, or do you want to work for the boss?”Ken Lasure

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