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Asset Information Management Solutions - Automated Armory (AIMS-AA)

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AIMS-AA is a modular, scalable asset management solution that manages assets in multiple locations such as warehouses, tool rooms, and production facilities. As a multi-module/interface platform, AIMS-AA replaces the time consuming, manual, and error-prone physical counts currently used. With nearly 100% accuracy, we reduce inventory errors and accountability questions.


AIMS-AA is a multi-module/interface platform that integrates 15 built-for-purpose modules that address most asset management requirements. Modules serve as the user interface to a single, flexible, scalable, yet robust database secured with industry best practices. Additionally, AIMS-AA is compliant with Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) implementation guidance. Modules can be installed in any variety of configurations depending on the customer’s need without compromising security. The system exchanges data with external systems and sources with the ability to connect to Oracle, SQL, and other databases,  which become a new, modern, and secure front end to data. Operating in stand-alone or enterprise modes and supporting fixed or mobile employments, this system can be implemented with great flexibility.


AIMS-AA also facilitates Product Life Cycle Management (PLCM), while integrating serialized item management and maintenance management procedures with authoritative data sources.

Benefits to users include:

►     Real-time and real-time visibility on the availability, location, and authorized custodian of accountable   equipment

►     Ability to manage the entire lifecycle of an asset, document, or digital string

►     Audit trail for access, issue, and recovery of serialized items

►     Facility and key access control with redundant identification and authorization methods (signature, CAC, biometric)


Capabilities of this solution allow users to accurately control inventory, maintain accountability without errors, create insight and reporting, and automate diverse inventory needs. Using serial and RIFD technology, we connect the dots between external systems. Troika can accelerate the speed and effectiveness of maintenance, supply, and logistics operations for you today.

What does AIMS-AA do?

Tracks weapons/ordnance equipment from multiple locations using integrated modules and reports.
Exchanges data with external sources
Provides life-cycle visibility and accountability of weapons, ordnance equipment and SL-3
Customizes workflows and business rules
Provides identification and access control using three forms (CAC, biometrics, and digital signature)
Tracks the check-in and check-out of serialized and non-serialized weapons or ordnance equipment
Supports Commanders, Armorers, and Weapons Custodians by making the following features faster and more accurate:

Entry Log

Asset Issue and Recovery

ECR for Mass Issue

Sight Count

10520 and 10576 Generation

Full Audit/History of Marines and Weapons

Benefits of AIMS-AA

Efficiency and Accuracy
Reduces Human Error
Exportable Reports
No More Log Books

Who is Using AIMS-AA?

The Basic School
MCAF, Quantico
H&HS Beaufort
CBMU 303
9th Comm Bn

1st Intel Bn
NCG1, Port Hueneme

NCG1, OkinawaWeapons Co, Seal BeachGolf Co, Seal Beach30th NCR Camp Covington, GuamMAG 29
2nd Marine Raider Bn
2nd Marine Raider Support Bn
3rd Marine Raider Bn
3rd Marine Raider Support Bn
Marine Raider Reg

Marine Raider Training Command
Marine Raider Support Group

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