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British Army Moves Forward with JEDI/UDOP

Troika Solutions is pleased to announce that the UK MoD, specifically the British Army, has contracted Phase 1 development embracing the Joint Enterprise Data Interoperability (JEDI) and User Defined Operational Picture (UDOP) tools to develop a refined Recognized Logistics Picture/Forecast (RLP/F) with data interoperability.

With partners Techmodal Ltd. and NEXUS LCM, Troika Solutions will ultimately harness existing UDOP experiences, resulting in the development of an RLP/F Concept Demonstrator allowing the British Army to employ a logistics force multiplier for improved logistics situational awareness, analytics, predictive logistical capacity, decision support and current/future operational assessments.  Coupled with the JEDI translators that enable data to be exchanged between disparate, stove piped and/or legacy systems, regardless of processes and technologies, the Concept Demonstrator will provide clarity and scope to challenging logistical support in complex British Army actions.  JEDI is currently an International development program involving the USMC, US Army and NATO, all facing the same integration and interoperable concerns.

JEDI/UDOP is one piece of Troika’s commitment to provide exceptional platforms dedicated to providing services that enable rapid implementation with world-class innovation.    

“We’re grateful that the British Army is the latest to join the JEDI movement,” said Bill Black, Troika’s President of International Operations.  “This is the next step in proving that this capability can fundamentally change the landscape of logistics situational awareness and data interoperability amongst strategic allies, by providing cutting edge tools for the logistician.  It is truly a game changer for users,” Black said.

Troika has been working with NATO, US JSJ4, the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army to develop JEDI/UDOP.  

The concept of an "Enhanced NATO Response Force", along with the newly formed UK Strike Brigades, constitute a challenge for logistics, with the requirement to enable and guarantee the rapid deployment, reception, staging, integration, onward movement, and follow-on support of deployable Very High Readiness Joint Task Forces and the follow-on forces in a timely manner. With the UK being the leading nation for the NATO response unit in 2017, collaboration and integration of coalition Log IS is key to its success.

“As part of the JEDI/UDOP program we will be ensuring that we remain strategically aligned with other existing logistics initiatives, focusing on the wider Logistics Vision along with command and control interoperability across the distributed network – which is crucial,” said Dr. Andie Johnson-Mitchell, Troika’s VP of European Operations.  “Our goal is to be concept led, ultimately providing a cost effective, evidence based solution,” said Johnson-Mitchell.

To learn more about JEDI/UDOP, or Troika’s involvement with NATO or the UK, please email Troika Solutions at

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