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Demand for Troika's Automated Armory® across the Marine Corps grows after trip to Camp Lejeune, NC

Troika Solutions recently showcased Automated Armory® at Marine South, a military expo at Camp Lejeune, NC - where Marines and civilians working there were able to see the application in action and how it can benefit them in their daily lives. 

"We went to Marine South with one goal: Validate the need for Automated Armory in the Marine Corps", said Stuart Nachman, Director of Business Development for Troika Solutions, who along with Kevin Clyde and Dave Frost were at the expo over the two-day period.  "We got great feedback from LtGen Dana (Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics) in December when he first saw this, but he challenged us to take it to Camp Lejeune to see if it works where it's need most.  I think we passed that with flying colors, as we got great feedback and inquiries from the MEF's, Headquarters Battalion, the School of Infantry, and MCI East. Those are just the ones that we know have already called up to the Pentagon asking for this, I'm sure there are more" said Nachman.

Troika Serving at Camp Lejeune
Troika Serving at Camp Lejeune

While at Camp Lejeune, Troika stopped by to check in on 2nd Tank Battalion, who are wrapping up their first two years of using Automated Armory® and gave extremely high remarks for Troika's cutting-edge capability.Automated Armory® is revolutionizing the antiquated, inaccurate and time consuming reporting methodologies currently used in most armories, and instead replacing archaic processes with 21st century reporting, tracking and reliability measures. 

2nd Tanks has been using Automated Armory® to streamline the checking-in and checking-out process at their armory, as well as automating site count functions.  Chief Warrant Officer Reynaldo Desenganio has been highly impressed with the amount of time Automated Armory® saved his Marines.

"It took 4 days to complete a job that typically takes one month, and we even cleaned all of our weapons in the process.  If we didn't clean, the job could have been done in three days," said Desenganio. 

CWO Desenganio thinks Automated Armory® could positively impact Marines on an even larger scale, too, if utilized in a combat theater, for example, and thinks its capabilities would build confidence for commanders and responsible officers.

Automated Armory® is in use at other USMC armories including TBS, MCAF Quantico and HMX-1.  Automated Armory® developer and partner at Troika, Matt Edwards, says Marines are most impressed with its ability to effectively, accurately, and reliably save time while remaining compliant with USMC armory reporting regulations. 

To learn more about Automated Armory® or other Troika capabilities, please contact us at

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