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Marine Aircraft Group 29 becomes latest unit to see benefits of Automated Armory

Troika Solutions is excited to announce that Marine Aircraft Group (MAG-29) at Marine Corps Air Station New River is the latest unit to acquire and install our cutting-edge asset information management tool, Automated Armory®.

After hearing about the successful implementation at other units, and seeing it in action just up the road at Camp Lejeune, the Marines at MAG-29 contacted Troika about getting this application in their armory as soon as they could.

"It's awesome!" said Sgt Ryan Sides, MAG-29's armorer exclaimed.  "Dave Frost (Automated Armory® manager and on-site expert) is doing a great job training the Marines and getting us up to speed."  Other MAG-29 Armory Marines were excited at the capability and the large number of antiquated paper process it replaces – while keeping the endorsement simple “Hello AIMS-AA, Goodbye Green Log Book!”

Automated Armory ® is an application that is revolutionizing the antiquated, inaccurate and time consuming reporting methodologies currently used in most armories.  Instead, it replaces archaic processes with 21st century reporting, tracking and reliability measures that supports faster weapon check-in/check-out, improved sight count accuracy, saves time and energy with Monthly Serialized Inventory, and eliminates green log books through our Entry Log functionality.  

Automated Armory® helps Marines work quickly, saving a great deal of time and frustration; therefore, saving money and increasing productivity. "We're seeing the armory community start to talk now - multiple units using our product are referring new units to Automated Armory®, which is fantastic!" said Frost.

MAG-29 purchased Automated Armory® via Troika's DS MAC IDIQ contract held by HQMC I&L, making both the acquisition and installation process smooth and seamless.  Acquiring Automated Armory® through this contract allows individual bases to purchase this capability directly from Troika, without jumping through hoops and maneuvering through multiple acquisition layers.

"It's great to see the continued growth of Automated Armory, and we've got a busy summer and fall lined up with new armories coming on line." said Troika Business Development Director, Stuart Nachman. "Obviously, we're seeing end of year funds help with these acquisitions, but the best part is that funding aside, Marines want this technology in their hands.  They know and are seeing the improvements in their daily lives."  

Learn more about Automated Armory® by contacting Troika Solutions at

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