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Marine Corps Special Operations Command gets Automated Armory

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Troika Solutions recently completed installation and training of their flagship application, AIMS-Automated Armory at Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC), aboard Stone Bay, North Carolina.  Over the course of three weeks, Troika personnel completed installation, asset scanning and reconciliation, and training, to make sure the Marines can make the most of their newly acquired capability. “It was a tremendous undertaking – certainly the biggest installation we’ve ever done”, said Stuart Nachman, Troika’s Director of Business Development who was on hand for the first week of installation and scanning.  “You’ve got seven units and the company’s within them, just under 30,000 assets to be scanned and reconciled, and an operational tempo that really doesn’t allow failure.  Definitely a great job by the Troika team that supported the effort and the Marines of MARSOC for embracing the process.”  

In addition to the units already using Automated Armory, the Marine Corps can now include 2nd Marine Raider Battalion, 2nd Marine Raider Support Battalion, 3rd Marine Raider Battalion, 3rd Marine Raider Support Battalion, Marine Raider Regiment, Marine Raider Training Command, and Marine Raider Support Group among the beneficiaries of this technology.  

"It's been an honor supporting Marines at the tip of the warfighting spear" said Frank Schuster.  "I am proud to say that Troika's technological solutions continue to improve speed and accuracy through streamlining and automation, and we look forward to a continuation of efforts throughout the Department of Defense."

Automated Armory® is an application that is revolutionizing the antiquated, inaccurate and time consuming reporting methodologies currently used in most armories.  Instead, it replaces archaic processes with 21st century reporting, tracking and reliability measures that supports faster weapon check-in/check-out, improved sight count accuracy, saves time and energy with Monthly Serialized Inventory, and eliminates green log books through its Entry Log functionality.  

"Great job by all involved", said Dave Frost Troika's Automated Armory Manager. "As the primary trainer it’s rewarding to see the Marines become confident with their new tools."  With 2nd and 3rd Raider Battalions complete, Troika will now focus on completing installation and training of the West Coast units of MARSOC, stationed at Camp Pendleton, California.  

You can learn more about Automated Armory® by contacting Troika Solutions at

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