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Troika Solutions awarded multi-year, multi-million dollar task order

Troika Solutions proudly announces that it has been awarded a 30-month task order on the Defense System Multi-Award Contract (DS MAC) supporting Headquarters Marine Corps Installations and Logistics (HQMC I&L). Partnering with prime contractors Alion Science Corporation and Portland-Tacoma Consulting, Troika supports the Marine Corps in key areas such as Logistics Command and Control, Knowledge-Driven Logistics, Total Lifecycle Management, Serialized Item Management, and Portfolio Management of Defense Systems.

The task order and overall IDIQ, managed by the Defense Technical Information Center in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, is part of the consolidation of the previously available Information Analysis Center contracts (WSTIAC, SURVIAC, AMMTIAC...) all of which are now under DS MAC.  The award allows the Marine Corps quick and easy access to Troika's Subject Matter Experts and our partners' complimentary capabilities to help complete or enhance their mission.  In addition to HQMC I&L, various other Marine Corps departments apply funding against this task order for Troika and Troika's partners' support, including HQMC C4, HQMC AR, and I Marine Expeditionary Force. 

To learn more about this award, or how Troika supports the Marine Corps, please contact Bill Black (, Ken Lasure (, or Stuart Nachman (      

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