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Troika Team Grows to Solve Defense Interoperability in US & NATO

The Joint Staff (J4 Maintenance) is sponsoring Troika Solutions and other NCMS partners to develop tools, technologies and processes to better leverage benefits associated with operating across organizational boundaries.  The project's main goal is to enable the maintenance and sustainment community to share logistics capacity and materials.

Along with a CONOPS, this initiative will establish business rules for publishing and subscribing quality information across the joint and coalition maintenance enterprise.  This collaborative effort focuses on easily exchanging and sharing relevant logistics information as an enabler to Logistics Interoperability and Integration. 

After meeting with GCSS-MC, Troika took a short trip visiting multiple EU locations from NATO NSPA to US EUCOM, finishing with a workshop in the UK reviewing the future logistic picture across the British military.

Dr. Andie Johnson Mitchell was hired by Troika to develop opportunities in Europe. She joined our U.S. team for these meetings, and found the time spent to be extremely worthwhile and educational.

"C2 Logistics is getting a lot of focus at the moment and the guys' trip was ideally timed. The demo's that they gave were very well received and the session was beneficial for all involved."

Troika has a history in mapping and demonstrating the capability to make both Joint and Coalition interoperable in select European markets.  Those technology initiatives included Shareable Operational Resource Tool (SORT) and Data Exchange Tool (DET) demoing the capability of creating a Sourcing Broker, which allows disparate systems to work independently, in addition to sharing information. These technologies allow users to remain in familiar systems while interacting with other joint and coalition partners.

To learn more about Troika Solutions and our operations in the United Kingdom and in the United States, please contact us at

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