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Troika Solutions, LLC announces Contract Award with Tracen Technologies (M&RA, BPR, & BCA Program)

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Troika Solutions, LLC was founded by Marines as a boutique consulting firm, providing IT portfolio management and logistics expertise to the U.S. Marine Corps. As Troika has expanded, additional capabilities and clients cover the full spectrum support and industries. Bringing the best and brightest minds together, Troika is making a huge impact in support of the Department of Defense. Some other notable partners include Coalition Ministries of Defence and NATA. While their impact is growing Troika remains true to their mission as a small business allowing it’s senior leadership to stay in touch with every project.

In their newest contract, Troika and Tracen Technologies are teaming together to conduct Business Process Re-engineering and Business Case Analysis in support of Manpower System Modernization for the U.S. Marine Corps. Collaboratively, two main challenges were identified:

1. The USMC restructured the Administration Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), reducing the manpower in Installation Personnel Administration Centers (IPAC) across the globe by 23% within the next 3-5 years. This reduction in personnel requires systems and processes to be re-engineered in order to accomplish the same mission.

2. The current Marine Corps performance evaluation system was implemented and has been used since 1 January 1999. Under the current system, enlisted Marines from the rank of E-5 to E-9 receive Fitness Reports (formal performance evaluations). Junior Marines E-1 to E-4 do not receive these same formal performance evaluations and their reporting is done differently. With 20+ years in use, the performance evaluation system needs a technology refresh, as well as inclusion of all junior Marines (E-1 to E-4).

The program objective includes an inventory of capabilities (users, applications, infrastructure, security & privacy, and service management), business process re-engineering, capability & functional requirement generation, requirements to application mapping, business case analysis, roadmap development, cloud-based strategy development, and cloud architecture training. In addition to these objectives, the program will provide a technology roadmap and implementation plan to improve and streamline processes that better integrate Manpower & Reserve Affairs (M&RA), Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), and Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC).

Using a combination of business process modeling tools and technology environments, the program will analyze current practices and methods to offer improved solutions. A team of experts, including Program Manager, Project Administrator, Business Process Specialists, Systems Engineers, Data Specialist, System Architect, Cybersecurity Engineer, and Cloud System Administrator will pool resources to develop and recommended innovative solutions to address these challenges. The current timeline projects a completion date of July 2020.


More about Troika Solutions, LLC

Troika’s team is delivering a full spectrum of business services and innovative solutions to their partners. They currently offer a variety of Asset Information Management Solutions, Strategic Planning, Decision Support, Data Interoperability, Visualization Tools, Supply Chain Management, IT Portfolio Management, and a Systems Integration Lab. As a small business, Troika’s senior leaders and subject matter experts are involved with every aspect of partnerships. Their small business approach and attention to detail have earned them the title of Virginia “Best Places to Work” for three straight years.

For more information:

(571) 375-7142 (o)

(571) 325-2627 (f)

Written by Sarah Plaut

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